Thailand MMA and Muay Thai Training Scholarships

Thailand is the Mecca for kickboxing, but to get exceptional training expect to pay exceptionally high prices. Training is easily 10,000 baht or $300 a month on average. Larger discounts are given for longer stays, but are minimal. This seems unreasonable when considering the low cost of living in Thailand. For example, I pay roughly $80 a month for an apartment in Chaing Mai, and I eat out almost every meal for less than $6 a day. I could probably live a pretty boring, but livable life on $400 a month. After doing a bit of research and talking to some gym owners, I found a few places that offer scholarships for Muay Thai and MMA fighters. Here are the three that I found, I will update as I find more.

Team Quest Thailand

Located in Chaing Mai in the north of Thailand, TQ is the only MMA gym in town. The gym has held scholarship opportunities for the last few years in the summer months.They  are currently looking to sponsor amateur and pro fighters. The scholarship includes accommodation and training, but you are expected to pay for your flight, and all other expenses.

For more details and to apply visit:

Tiger Muay Thai

Located on the island of Phuket, Tiger Muay Thai is Thailands most famous MMA gym and  also the most expensive. An all inclusive training package at Tiger will run you almost $400 . Needless to say a scholarship would be nice. Tiger holds yearly tryouts that are documented via youtube. This year they handed out 7 scholarships, which cover a fighters accommodation and training for a year. The fighter is expected to foot the bill for all else, including the trip to the tryouts.

To find out when the next tryout is follow them on facebook:

Sumalee Boxing Gym

Sumalee is a strictly thai boxing gym located in Phuket. This scholarship is for young  fighters between the ages 18 and 22. This opportunity is for a 2 month stay and includes discounted food, free accommodation, and training. The fighter is expected to pay for airfare. They are currently taking applicantions for 2015.

For more details and to apply visit:

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