Fighting on a Budget: Dirt Cheap Apartments Thailand

Living and training in Thailand can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. MMA and Muay Thai gyms are popping up all over, with their  main clientele being tourists. And where there are tourist, there are tourist prices.
The gym membership alone is pricey unless you have a sponsorship, so saving on accommodation is a must if you are on a tight budget like me. I found you can save hundreds by finding accommodation offsite of the gym. You can easily find weekly and monthly rooms within walking distance of most places.
For example, let’s take a look at Team Quest in Chiang Mai. For a single room onsite, it is 7,000 baht a month (aprox: $215). Great deal right? Well….not exactly. Thais in that area do not pay that much for accommodation, and neither should you.
DD Apartment

DD Apartments

Just a ten minute walk up the road  you will find the DD apartments, a monthly room will run you about 2,500 baht or $80 a month.  That is less than half the cost of an onsite room! Apartments like this can be found next to most gyms in Thailand.
So how do you go about finding these apartments? I found it best just to walk the area of the gym in which you wish to train, and ask a few places. I prefer doing this over finding a room online. The reason being is doing an online search will only bring up the apartments with English websites, and the top results in google also tend to be the most expensive. Also beware of gyms advertising offsite rooms they are over priced ,and the gym typically gets a kickback for the referral.
Check out the video of the two rooms I stayed at while training at Jit Muang Nun Gym in Bangkok. One is $60 a month, and the other is $140!

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4 thoughts on “Fighting on a Budget: Dirt Cheap Apartments Thailand

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  2. Hey brother, I am planning to go to Chiang Mai Thailand to train for MMA at Team Quest. Can you give me some suggestion on apartment near Chiang Mai Thailand please?


    • Sorry I can’t remember the name, but near team quest there is a 7/11 just a block over it is then nearest one to camp. If you are headed down the street coming from the main street the 7/11 is on the right in just a few hundred feet, the road snakes a bit and there is nice cheap apartments off to the right. It is owned by an older fellow he speaks pretty good English. They come with a bed and you can pay a little extra for appliances. You will also need to get your own bedding but you can find that pretty cheap. I cant remember exactly what I paid there but was much cheaper than staying at team quest.


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