Kurt Brooks Fight Drifter

Tiger Temple

HI, My name is Kurt. I am the creator of FightDrifter.com. My goal is to inspire you through my travels studying martial arts. To tell you amazing stories, and to share with you techniques from masters around the world.

How I Got Here:

In the summer of 2010 I was on my way to Las Vegas, to pursue my dream of professional fighting. I had 4 amateur fights going 3-1 in sanctioned and unsanctioned matches.  My expectations where high leaving my hometown of Carson City NV.

To get to Vegas I needed a job.I wound up taking a job as a Correctional Officer, at the Southern Desert Correctional Center just outside Vegas. Everything was going good or so I thought…….

Wand Fight Team

Great Day of Training at Wand Fight Team


Fast forward four years,I would find myself at a job I hated. Life as a Correctional Officer, is not much different than the life a prisoner. It is Monotonous and unfulfilling. On top of the lousy job, my girlfriend of 4 years left me. I was not happy, and this put a damper on my mma career.  Although I continued training earning a brown belt in Jiu-Jitsu,I put fighting on the back burner.  I knew if I wanted to be happy, I would have to start fighting again . So I quit my job, sold everything I owned, and booked a ticket to Thailand.This is where my adventure starts. I have a great desire to revive my dream of fighting, and to see the world all at the same time.  I invite you to follow me on my journey!

Feel free to tell me what you think of the site, or ask any questions.

Thank you for visiting,

Kurt Brooks


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